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18 May 2019
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15 November 2019

Stories from a better future

Talking with the young generations to imagine the future ahead us in the next 30 years.

On Tuesday 24th September we will be guest of Assobiotec at the event “Stories from a better future”, which takes place at Talent Garden Calabiana in Milan. The event intends to encourage the vision of a better future thanks to advances in biotechnology and science, and is addressed to a diversified audience with particular attention to schools and students.
Many people will be on stage: from famous faces, young researchers, scientists and former patients, up to students of the NABA creative writing course: during the day we will listen to many different voices, who all share a personal vision of a positive future thanks to biotechnology’s guide.
DemBiotech will be there in its “exhibition-workshop” space, where you can see and first-hand experience, understand the advantages and opportunities offered by the biotechnological platform CROP® (Controlled Release of Optimized Plants).
At 17.10 the CEO Elena Sgaravatti will give a speech about sustainability and innovation in the production of vegetable active ingredients for health care and food applications.
To conclude, the aperitif based on the CaRed carrot extract produced by DemBiotech and rich in anthocyanins.
We are waiting for you!

From 11.30, section dedicated to professionals and press. From 14.30 to 19.30, free entry with registration: