When carrots used to be red
17 May 2019
Romeo Grisi Scholarship
18 May 2019

Seeds&Chips 2019

DemBiotech® talk at Seeds&Chips 2019

The Cereal Docks Group, partner of Seeds and Chips 2019, brings its commitment to innovation by presenting one of the group's virtuous companies: DemBiotech®.
On Wednesday 8th May, CEO Elena Sgaravatti was invited to take the stage at the Global Food Innovation Summit in the conference "Changing the Way We Eat: Food Tech Solutions - How technology is improving the way we grow our food and providing us with new ingredients in a sustainable, nutritious and beneficial way".
In a setting of brilliant speeches, especially on the production of "meat analogue" our CEO was able to remind the public how much humans need plants explaining how DemBiotech can make its contribution in changing the way we eat, creating a better and sustainable future for future generations.