Unismart round table discussion
19 November 2019
Women in Food & Agriculture
19 November 2019

Meeting at the Fondazione Mach

DemBiotech takes part in one of the poles of research and development in the agricultural and food sector

After the success of the first edition, on November 28th 2019, the event Smart Farming & Food organized by the Foundation Edmund Mach and HIT-Hub Innovation Trentino will take place in San Michele all'Adige (TN) and this time DemBiotech will also be present. Elena Sgaravatti will be attending as a speaker at the round table "Food & Nutrition" scheduled for the morning.

The Fondazione E. Mach, a research organization established in 1874, is involved in research and development with an innovative approach aimed at solving problems related to the agricultural and food sectors for the achievement of sustainability goals.

The event is structured in two parts. In the morning, a specific workshop dedicated to the issues of precision agriculture and the food-nutrition relationship. In the afternoon there will be meetings with researchers to discover the main innovations currently being tested.

More information at the following link: https://www.trentinoinnovation.eu/it/event/smart-farming/

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