DemBiotech goes to University
19 November 2019
Unismart round table discussion
19 November 2019

Biotechnology Rai Radio 1

On "Eta Beta" a report on the biotech boom

Biotech lands on Radio Rai 1. In the episode of September 21st, 2019 of the radio program presented by Massimo Cerofolini and dedicated to innovation, we talked about the biotechnology sector, a branch of science that uses living organisms to produce processes and products useful to people and nature.
A story that starts from afar and that offers safe products and sustainable models.
At the link below, the presenter discusses the issue with Elena Sgaravatti, CEO of DemBiotech, Pierluigi Paracchi, co-founder of Genenta Science, Antonina Benfante, biotechnology of Novartis and Nicoletta Ravasio, Cnr researcher.

Listen to the podcast:

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