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Demethra is the Mother Earth, goddess of crops, fields and agriculture. Demethra Biotech is a 100% Italian green innovative company composed of a team where the rule is represented by the diversity of people and contributions: Senior, with more than 20 years-experience in the sector and with a clear vision of the potential and benefits that biotechnologies can ensure, and Junior with the creative passion we expect from young researchers. Visonaries or dreamers, but also stubborn pragmatists going to build an industrial reality that wants to be a model of that ’green economy’ people very often talk about today,able to produce, for example, totally respecting the environment, active plant substances for both health care, food industry and agriculture. We are part of Cereal Docks, Italian leader in harvesting and processing of cereals and oilseeds for food and feed use for provision and trading of agricultural raw materials from around the world. And here are Cereal Docks’ numbers: over 160 people working in six different plants in Italy and Europe, able to generate a production value of more than 800 million euro thanks to the collaboration and trust of customers representing the most important Italian and multinational corporate groups in the food and feed industry.



President of Demethra Biotech Srl, in 1983 he founded Docks Spa which leads as President and CEO. He successfully took over Porto Marghera site (Venice), of strategic importance, from Bunge, a multinational corporate from which, in 2011, Cereal Docks Marghera was born, together with other companies as Cereal Docks Food, operating in the market of standardized vegetable lecithins for pharmaceutical, feed and food industrial use. Vice–president of Assocostieri, association of energy logistics industries, he sits on both the Ente Zona Porto Venezia board and the Associazione Granaria Milano board. In accordance with Cereal Docks social responsibility goals he pursues , he’s promoter and leader of local sport initiatives –ASD Cereal Docks, particularly in the football sector, where hundreds of up–and–coming young athletes are involved.



CEO of Demethra Biotech Srl. After graduating with a Pharm. D. degree from Padova University, she developed more than twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, from business development to strategic marketing in multinational companies such as GSK. She was CEO at IRB Spa (Biotechnological Research Institute) until June 2016, a company she launched in 2009, when she joined as General Director, which was acquired by Croda Int. Plc, in 2012. She is the inventor of twelve patents. She is coordinator of the Work Group on Food Biotechnologies in Assobiotec–Federchimica and a Member of its Presidential Committee. She is also a member of the academic course commission at the University of Medical Biotechnologies of Modena.


To work, being well aware of what we are doing: to help towards a better world in a better environment. Demetra is the Mother Earth from which we got inspiration to study new green processes able to meet the ever-changing human and environment needs. We bring innovation in a practice that is as antique as mankind: the plant culture. Our aim is to identify and produce new generation vegetal actives or other vegetal actives, already used but developed and made available thanks to highly innovative procedures, and whose method of production is totally rethought, in a vision where nature and technology marry together.
The project of the new headquarters of Cereal Docks Spa group, Cereal Docks Food and of the production buidings and executive blocks of Demethra Biotech is able to meet, as much as possible, the energetic needs by gaining them by renewable sources and with the lowest environmental impact, in consistency with what is produced in it.

The new production structure in Camisano Vicentino has the ambition to become an international model of innovation and sustainability of the new Made in Italy.
It is an internal court, planted with local arboreal essences and fitted with a system of scientific gardens, to constitute the ’green heart’ of the whole complex, a symbolic and physical place where nature and artifice meet and compare themselves. The production buildings, the research and development laboratories, the administrative and technical offices are all connected by glazed covered paths, to create a deep integration between indoor and outdoor.


Our technology prevents by process the presence of contaminants and pollutants as pesticides, heavy metals and aflatoxins in the plant actives and extracts, making available the integrity of all key components.


We combine an extraordinary production capacity with a process that does not compromise the flora and has no concern with the difficult accessibility and the availability of plants.


The variability in the concentration of active substances is no more a limit to the reproducibility of the biological effect, being granted by a consistently and robust compliant and highly controlled process providing titrated products thanks to a multidisciplinary approaches guaranteeing the final batches.


An essential and imperative belief that distinguishes our operating manner, even through a total solvent-free process.

Open Innovation

Towards humans, the Nature is neither good or bad, it is simply indifferent to them. She flows with her rhythm, her inner and permanent laws. The Nature, by her uncontrollable performances: able to captivate and terrify. By her power, extraordinarily healthy but sometimes harmful. Seconding Nature with knowledge and intelligence, letting, by cutting edge technologies, Mother Nature spontaneously produce her own desired fruits: this is what we think humans should do towards her. With this spirit, the tenacity and the passion of the researchers, through the biotech platform CROP®, coming from years dedicated to wise research, we learn and develop, in customers’ partnership, completely green products obtained by in vitro cultures able to severely generate food-grade products. The new productive plant in Camisano Vicentino has the ambition to become an international model of sustainability and open innovation. A highly automated and avant-garde smart factory from all the points of view: amazing for its architecture, extraordinary in its producing capacity and in its excellent quality standards.


We work in network with national and international researchers, collaborating with Universities, Research Centers, Laboratories and Companies in order to develop highly innovative projects in the biotech sector.

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